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Spiritual direction, care and discussion

A healing conversation for anyone of any spiritual or religious belief, or of no faith or belief system.

We are most healthy when our body, mind and spirit are balanced and stress-free. Spiritual direction can help you listen to and nurture your spirit to improve your health.


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What it is

Spiritual direction is a guided conversation that helps you look at and deepen your relationship with the “divine,” however you understand that concept. Our service is for people of all faiths and spiritual beliefs, or even no faith or belief system.

What to expect

During this one hour session, you and a spiritual advisor from Penny George Institute for Health and Healing will discuss your spiritual history. The goal is to develop your own spiritual care plan.

Good to know

  • This service is not considered to be counseling or psychotherapy.
  • Spiritual direction is done every three to four weeks as needed.  Some people come for one visit, some continue for longer periods of time.
  • The fee is $55 per session. It is not covered by insurance.

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Source: Penny George Institute for Health and Healing
Reviewed by: Dan Wolpert, MDiv, MA

First published: 12/12/2016
Last reviewed: 12/12/2016