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Guided imagery

Guided imagery can help you relax, lower stress and better manage pain.

Did you know that your own mind provides a powerful tool to help you relax, lower your stress and manage pain? Guided imagery offers a way for you to tap into those healing abilities.

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What is guided imagery?

Guided imagery is a powerful, yet simple, self-awareness tool. It helps you move your attention away from worry, stress and pain by focusing on other words and images.

You are led through mind and imagination exercises to "create the state you want.” This means you can actually change how you are feeling by changing what you are focusing on. For instance, if you think about lying on the beach in Hawaii, your body responds as if you are actually lying on the beach in Hawaii.

Guided imagery at Allina Health

If you are a patient at one of the Allina Health hospitals listed below, you may be eligible to receive guided imagery services. Please talk with your care team if you’re interested in guided imagery.

Guided imagery services are provided by highly credentialed integrative health care professionals. Also, guided imagery is safe with no known risks associated with it.

Guided imagery treats

  • anxiety
  • high heart rate
  • insomnia
  • pain

the symptoms of chest pain, digestive problems, headaches, high blood glucose, high blood pressures, hormone imbalance, low oxygen rates and a weakened immune system

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Source: Penny George Institute for Health and Healing
Reviewed by: Sue Masemer, MS