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Community reintegration program (CRP)

Help on your journey to independent living

The Community Reintegration Program (CRP) uses day-to-day activities and life skills to help you maximize your abilities and independence. It is meant for anyone who has sustained a mild-to-moderate brain injury, experienced a stroke or cognitive conditions that affect your ability to function successfully in the home or community environment.



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What it is

If you’ve had a brain injury, stroke or other cognitive condition, rehabilitation often begins in the hospital. There the focus is typically on regaining physical, self-care and general cognitive skills. Yet, you may need ongoing rehabilitation to regain ideal function after your hospital stay. The community reintegration program focuses on developing physical and cognitive skills that you use in daily activities while in a rehabilitation setting.

You’ll learn skills in the areas of:

  • mobility
  • social integration
  • productivity
  • perception of self
  • interpersonal relationships
  • independent living skills

These skills can be used in your natural setting, like home, work and recreation. The goal is for you to participate and function at your best.

Sixty-one percent of participants demonstrate improvements in problem-solving and reasoning challenge upon completion of this program.

What to expect

When you participate in the Community Reintegration Program (CRP) you should expect to:

  • meet four to five hours a day, three days per week for about six months in a group setting 
  • develop and work toward your unique goals in one-on-one and small group settings
  • improve independence
  • strengthen day-to-day tasks
  • increase social interactions with peers
  • involve family and friends in your journey
  • feel supported through every stop of your journey by a team that specializes in providing rehabilitation for cognitive conditions and brain injury

Even after the end of the six-month program you can continue to transition your skills and strategies for daily living with a weekly group session.

Good to know

To participate in the CRP you should be:

  • 18 years or older
  • recovering from a mild-to-moderate brain injury or stroke
  • medically prescribed this program with documented medical necessity and a “recommendation”
  • able to participate cognitively, emotionally and physical in an outpatient group setting for the six-month program
  • able to be unsupervised for one hour over lunch or someone present to assist
  • capable of using the bathroom independently or someone present to assist throughout day

This is a medically prescribed service. Fees are billed to third-party payers, such as Special Needs Basic Care (SNBC) plans, worker’s compensation, some private insurance plans and medical assistance. Medical assistance requires a neurophysiological evaluation within six months of starting the program. Evaluations can be scheduled by calling 612-775-2826.

Good for treating

During participation in this group program you will focus on improving your cognitive function, independence and activity by improving your:

  • awareness
  • communication
  • concentration
  • coping skills
  • judgment
  • memory
  • organization
  • problem-solving skills
  • productivity
  • social skills

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