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Cancer care

Connected, compassionate cancer treatment near you

A cancer diagnosis changes everything. At Allina Health Cancer Institute, we’re changing everything about cancer care. At hospitals, clinics and  cancer centers across the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin, we provide expert care for you as a whole person—treating your cancer but also addressing your overall physical and mental wellness. That means putting you at the center of your care, so your wishes, values and goals are respected at every step. It means surrounding you with support, including dedicated and compassionate caregivers who work as a team to provide your care. And it means removing stress and inconvenience, so you can find space to focus on healing.

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oncologist providing compassionate cancer care to patient

Compassionate cancer care built around you

Your cancer care team works with you to develop a care plan unique to your health, situation and total wellness. We know that you have family who count on you, goals you want to accomplish and a day-to-day life that you don’t want to put on hold. From diagnosis to treatment and every step of the way, we offer guidance and support so you can focus on what matters most: your health, your loved ones and your future.

lab tech supporting innovative cancer treatments

Innovative cancer treatments

When it comes to cancer treatment, we follow the data and push the science forward. From clinical research trials to emerging screening and precision medicine technology, to the latest screening technology, you can count on your cancer care team to leave no stone unturned—for every type of cancer, every step of the way.


surgical oncologist in the operating room

Expert cancer care takes an experienced team

When you’re in unfamiliar territory, the right guide makes all the difference. That’s why you’ll have a nurse navigator and oncologists to guide your care and help you understand your options. Your team may also include your primary care provider,  surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, genetic counselors and more. Your entire team stays connected, with access to your medical history, meaning everyone is always on the same page.


man explores cancer resources with oncologist visit online

Cancer resources and education

Cancer is complex, and it comes with a steep learning curve. That’s why your care team will explain every option, answer every question and, address every concern. Plus, you can explore an online cancer resource hub with detailed information on conditions, symptoms and treatments—including access to a vast library of cancer education written in plain language. So that at every step, you understand what’s happening—and what happens next.


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Cancer care that is connected, compassionate and convenient

At the Allina Health Cancer Institute, we provide cancer care that is connected, compassionate and convenient. Our health care providers work closely with you on a personalized care and treatment plan that meets your specific needs, from the initial diagnosis to and every step of the way. We will provide the highest quality care for you as a whole person, addressing  cancer’s impact on your overall physical and mental wellness. We surround you with support, such as nutrition guidance, physical therapy, mental health counseling, financial navigation, family support groups and more. And we give you tools to make it easier to manage your care, so you can find space to focus on healing and recovery. At Allina Health, you’re not a “cancer patient,” you’re an individual—a whole person who deserves respect, support and our best possible effort at all times.

Experienced oncologists and cancer care team

From your very first visit, you’ll be supported by a team of experts who bring unique skills to your care.  Each has deep expertise in their specialty area, and each is fiercely committed to your wellbeing.

It may start with your primary care provider, who is often the first to notice symptoms and recommend further care. You’ll also  connect with a medical, surgical and radiology oncologist with specialized training in cancer care. Your team may also include medical technologists for cancer screening, radiation treatments or chemotherapy. Depending on your specific care plan and needs, your team could include surgeons, rehabilitation specialists, genetic counselors, and social workers.

Cancer care can seem overwhelming. Allina Health Cancer Institute will provide a nurse navigator to partner with you and your doctor to help coordinate your care. A nurse navigator is a registered nurse with experience and training in the many medical issues related to cancer care. They will guide you at every step to answer questions, schedule appointments, provide support and keep your team connected behind the scenes.

Cancer centers in Minnesota and Wisconsin

At the Allina Health Cancer Institute, you’ll find expert cancer care close to home. Treatment and support are available at hospitals, clinics and treatment centers across the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin, or virtually. These locations may also include specialized centers for surgery, chemotherapy infusion, rehabilitation and more. No matter which location you visit, you can expect expert care, personal attention and ongoing support.

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Everyday On Wheels mobile clinic is not wheel chair accessible due to the size of the vehicle. Patients should be able to safely climb a short set of stairs to enter the mobile clinic.

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We've changed how we provide some services with your care and safety in mind. Expanded virtual care services are available to schedule online. You can also call your clinic for help finding the best option.

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Only these primary care appointments can be scheduled online. For all other appointments or with any questions, call 1-888-425-5462.

What’s the reason for your visit?

Only these primary care appointments can be scheduled online. For all other appointments or with any questions, call 1-888-425-5462.