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Healthful habits for the whole family

Learn to eat right and move your body, one kid-friendly lesson at a time


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Use these at-home lessons to begin family conversations about making healthful choices - one step at a time.

In each section, kids can answer questions, voice their opinions and learn how making healthy choices is good for everyone.

Healthier Together: A Family Guide

Healthier Together: A Family Guide (cover)

Healthier Together: A Family Guide is especially for families with children who have high cholesterol levels.

It has the information you need to make lifestyle changes that will benefit the whole family.

To order a printed copy, please call 612-262-6069 or email The book costs $4 for one copy.

Dangers of children overeating

A lot of kids are eating too much food, and the food they eat is not always part of a nutritious plan. It is affecting their health now, and it will affect their health as adults if they don't get the help they need to make changes.

Research has shown that more children in the United States — and adults too — are overweight and obese than ever before. And more children are developing high cholesterol, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. These health concerns are risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Research also shows that overweight children are more likely to have asthma as well.

Healthful eating habits

Even though many different people around the world eat different foods, some common characteristics of healthful eating around the globe include:

  • many fruits and vegetables each day
  • protein sources that include dried beans, seafood, nuts, seeds, meat, poultry and eggs
  • a limited amount of foods that have added sugars such as pop, sugary desserts and candy.

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