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What is healing touch?

Healing touch is an energy-based approach to health. The goal is to promote healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is based on the belief that each person has a dynamic, subtle energy field in and around the body that can be influenced to promote health.

How healing touch works

The healing touch practitioner centers his or her awareness and focuses on your needs. The practitioner uses gentle touch and a variety of hand motions to clear your energy field.

The goal is to restore the harmony and balance in your energy.

Who benefits from healing touch?

Anyone who wants to improve wellness and health can benefit from healing touch.

Some benefits of healing touch include:

  • improved relaxation (physical and mental)
  • pain relief
  • reduced anxiety and stress
  • improved wound healing
  • help in recovering from surgery¬†
  • improved sleep
  • increased sense of well-being
  • support in the dying process

What to expect during a healing touch session

You lie in bed or sit in a comfortable position while fully clothed. The practitioner may place her or his hands gently on your body and/or use sweeping motions off your body to assess and balance the energy field in and around you.

Healing touch staff

Healing touch practitioners are certified or have studied healing touch techniques.

Where can I receive healing touch?

The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing offers healing touch at these locations:

Content Source: Allina Health Patient Education, Healing Touch, gen-ahc-14882
Review Date: 6/22/2011
Reviewed By: Lori Knutson, RN, BSN, HNB-BC

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