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The Fitness Profile is a comprehensive assessment that provides an ideal starting point for any new exercise plan or an opportunity for regular exercisers to check their progress. It includes information to make your exercise program safe, effective and enjoyable; a health history; strength, endurance, flexibility and body fat tests; and a cardiovascular fitness assessment to establish target exercise levels. An exercise physiologist interprets your results, helps you establish fitness goals, addresses any concerns, and makes recommendations for a personal exercise program. Registration is required; please call the phone number for the location where you plan to attend.
  • Minneapolis or Plymouth: Abbott Northwestern Hospital LiveWell Fitness Center in Minneapolis, and Penny George Institute for Health and Healing in Plymouth; Registration: 612-863-5178
  • Fridley: Unity Hospital - Penny George Institute for Health and Healing; Registration: 763-236-5629 .

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Phone: 612-863-5178

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