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Wheelchair Softball - Youth

If you enjoy hearing the crack of a bat and the roar of a crowd, wheelchair softball may be for you. Team members learn fundamental softball skills -- batting, fielding and base running -- in addition to the thrill of participating in the national tournament.

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute hosts the Rolling Twins and Jr. Rolling Twins teams.

Join today! Wheelchair softball is a fun, team-building, confidence-boosting activity. 

It may be possible to join this class after the series starts; please call to inquire.

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What it is

Wheelchair softball is similar to standard softball, but altered rules accommodate the use of wheelchairs and players with varying ability levels. It is played on a hard surface instead of grass so players have an easier time pushing from base to base and uses a softer ball so players do not need a glove.

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Fee information

See registration link for fees.

No participant will be turned away due to financial hardships. Cost sharing and scholarships are available upon request. Contact for more information.

What to bring

The only equipment needed is a sports wheelchair. Athletes do not need to use a wheelchair for every day mobility to play. We offer an equipment loan program to provide specialized sports wheelchairs so you can fully participate in a season. Bats and balls will be provided and a glove is optional.