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Virtual Honoring Choices Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning includes thinking about what's important to you, talking with those who matter to you, and writing down your plan for health care and treatment in a Health Care Directive. This document is used when you are unable to participate in medical care decision making due to serious injury or illness. This two-part class series will provide information on advance care planning and walk with you through the process of completing your own health care directive that is individualized to you. Plan to attend both classes as you will be asked to complete activities between the sessions.

Class 1: Introduction to Advance Care Planning - we will address the 6 "W's" of advance care planning (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How). We will also discuss how to select your health care agent (the person(s) you identify to represent you if you are unable to participate in medical care decision making) and start an open conversation.

Class 2: Completing Your Health Care Directive - using the Honoring Choices Health Care Directive as a guide, this interactive presentation will discuss the five parts of the health care directive and answer your questions. We will discuss what is needed to make your directive valid, where to file your completed health care directive, and who should get a copy.

To view the class schedule, see attached calendar.

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