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Power Soccer - Twin Cities

Join the fast and exciting sport of power soccer! Get ready to kick things into gear and have some fun with other passionate soccer players. Power soccer uses special adaptive equipment attached to your power wheelchair and is played in a gym. All equipment is provided.

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Who it is for

Power soccer is for adults and youth, at least 5 years of age. Most athletes use a power wheelchair, however, we do have athletes who can walk who play too. It may just take them a little bit more time to get used to operating a power wheelchair. For most power wheelchair users, power soccer is one of the only competitive team sports they can play.

Good to know

Power soccer is a four on four game played by people who use a power wheelchair for mobility. It is played on a regulation size basketball court with two, 20-minute periods.

It is one of the fastest growing adaptive sports on four wheels! Power soccer is played in 27 countries with more than 100 US teams.

Get involved

To volunteer, contact CKRI Volunteer Services at 612-775-2727.

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Contact information

Daniel Edmondson
Phone: 612-775-2311

Fee information

See registration link for fee information.

No participant will be turned away due to financial hardships. Cost sharing and scholarships are available upon request.

Contact for more information.

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