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Depression and Anxiety Group

This group is for adults dealing with depression and/or anxiety; an ongoing therapy group focused on learning skills to decrease depression and anxiety symptoms. Topics of the group repeat every eight weeks.

Group topics include:

  • Understanding and managing depression and anxiety
  • challenging negative thoughts/how to change distorted thinking
  • how to manage emotions
  • self-care
  • relaxation and positive coping skills for stress reduction.

Participants will complete an intake prior to starting the group. At that time, the provider will work with you to determine if the program is a good fit. The program will be billed to the participant’s insurance. Please contact your insurance provider for benefit coverage.

Facilitator: Abby Stanislaw, PsyD, LP, psychology

To register: For questions or to register, please contact Jo A. at 763-236-1608.

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Contact information

Jo A.
Phone: 763-236-1608

Fee information

This program is billable to participant’s insurance. Please contact your insurance provider to confirm benefit coverage.

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